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AUSTINBEM (Austin & Boehm) referred to as AB: for many people perhaps still a relatively young brand, but since 2006 the United States was established in the coastal town of today, it was popular in the international arena has been a subject of much attention. AUSTINBEM main products include underwear series, swimwear series, leisure series, home series, sports series and fashion accessories and other fashion products. AUSTINBEM (Austin & Boehm) referred to as AB, the concept of brand: young American brand AUSTINBEM: if you doubt yourself, then wear something else! After the AUSTINBEM, man's summer is no longer just to the beach beside the pool or the girl, a woman not only at home wearing fashionable underwear, pick a sexy and impact swimsuit, let oneself become bold visual focus of fashion landscape! After the AUSTINBEM men's sexy is not just rely on the muscles to play ze! With AUSTINBEM, the man's body curve is no longer just a thick chest! With AUSTINBEM after the men and women wear the world full of fashion, sexy, and gorgeous colors! AUSTINBEM today is the New York department store selling a single product and one of the most famous American Hollywood star, and the latest in some world famous sports stars are very love this brand. Even Beckham and Heidi, both of whom were found wearing a swimsuit like AUSTINBEM, were found swimming in the. Today's AUSTINBEM has been in the global online market and you meet, and what are you waiting for? AUSTINBEM is definitely a trendy men and women preferred, it also let the body curve more interesting man, let the body and swing attractive girls in bikinis devil figure belongs to woman. AUSTINBEM is absolutely necessary for you! AAUSTINBEM today is one of the main international classic brand of swimwear market, and is one of the main sponsor of the world swimming club Australia antelope, the most famous international swimming club ", a proud motto" Ifyou doubt yourself wearsomething else in AUSTINBEM, "any wear AUSTINBEM products, are for in their very confident men. AB is definitely a trendy man's choice, it also let the body curve more interesting man, makes a woman sexy attractive.

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